Our Journey Towards Conscious Fashion

We believe in a conscious and durable fashion, in high quality products made from a short circuit in an ethical way.

We believe that we can give back to the planet and that we can all contribute at our own scale, starting by buying better and more purposefully.

We believe it is by the choices we make that we express our individuality.

Sustainable Brands

The brands we work with all share our values:


vissla logo

Vissla's ‘To Protect & Surf’ initiative is their ongoing effort to minimize their environmental impact by improving their products and practices through the use of more sustainable materials and means.

Their new categories include Upcycled Coconut Boardshorts, Eco-Lastics, Eco Flannels, Eco Fleece, Recycled Tees & Eco hats.

Check out this video to learn more about how we're doing this:


Is committed to plant a tree for each FAGUO product bought. They have planted 2.5 Million trees to date.
FAGUO is picky with the choice of its materials and is committed to use more and more recycled materials in their products. The full production line is transparent.
Learn more about FAGUO mission and commitments here.

 faguo forest

jaqk logo

Is committed to use quality fabrics for a product that lasts and to giving back to the community with several donations initiatives. Their full production line is transparent.

lyoum logo

Is committed to produce all their clothes in Tunisia and have built a strong and privileged relationship with local workshops, on a human scale, which are carefully selected. These Dynamic Tunisian small businesses are vital to the economy, employing women and men with expert hands.

Lyoum is also committed to avoid waste by regularly reusing remains of old fabrics for some novelties, and producing just the right qunatities to avoid unsold stock.

 edgard logo
Is committed to 100% made in France products, to the use of 100% cotton quality fabrics and to full transparency in their production line.

Other Initiatives


Our whole business model is based on wholesale as opposed to dropshipping which is used in most of our competitors' marketplaces:

By taking the risk of purchasing bulk quantities from our suppliers (instead of transporting goods at each customer order), we dramatically reduce our environmental impact by limiting the number of flights involved in the supply chain.

We are also able to provide better service by having the stocks close to your doorstep!

To fulfill our transportation needs while being conscious of our planet's resources, we ensure all of our packaging is recyclable and use paper or recycled polyester for our  warehouse packaging.

 eco packaging


Because products tend to last longer when we take good care of them, our vision is to encourage a slow consumption mode where the norm is to buy better quality products and maintain them over time rather than replacing them after a few uses. Knowing how to clean a specific leather or gently wash and iron is key to make our belongings last longer. Follow our easy steps, catered to each product.


Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny, unseen microfibers (including plastic), which go down the drains of our washing machines and into our waterways - and ultimately into our oceans.
To prevent that, we recommend the use of the Cora Ball: a new kind of laundry ball which collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way. At the same time, it helps PREVENT microfibers from breaking off your clothes, reducing the total amount of microfibers produced and therefore protecting your clothes. 

Available to purchase in the UAE on Azraq Shop here

 cora ball